Hyzon CEO message: Launching our ‘Coalition of the Willing’ on Earth Day

April 22, 2021

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has been a platform for a growing number of voices expressing concern about the state of our planet.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day, which is celebrated today, is Restore our Earth. As the need to return our planet to a cleaner environment becomes more pressing, this day is a reminder we all need to step up and raise our ambitions in combatting climate change.

Restore our Earth is a particularly fitting theme when we come to think of the transport sector. This sector is in a critical transition towards electrification, yet global carbon emissions from all transport modes continue to rise every year.

What is clear is that greater effort is needed to reverse this troubling trend.

That’s why we are pleased to mark this Earth Day with our own effort to tackle the climate crisis. Today we launch the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance.

No one entity can act alone to address the environmental challenges ahead of us and so Hyzon Motors has brought together a collective of companies committed to a cleaner transport future.

Together, we recognise the role hydrogen can play in helping to eliminate emissions in hard-to-evade sectors like commercial transport.

Ark Energy (a subsidiary of Korea Zinc), AXA, Bank of America, Hiringa Energy, Modern Group, NEOM, Raven SR, ReCarbon and Total, along with Hyzon, will work collaboratively as the first members of the Alliance to drive the development of hydrogen mobility supply chains globally.

Born from the need to create global change in heavy-duty mobility, the Alliance brings together progressive organisations from across the value chain to contribute to the growing momentum behind hydrogen and catalyse the adoption of hydrogen heavy vehicles.

The global hydrogen revolution for commercial vehicles is already underway, and the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance will be at the vanguard.

One of the greatest challenges faced by hydrogen mobility in its efforts to scale has been aligning the supply of hydrogen with the demand for vehicles. By bringing together fleet operators with leading hydrogen players, this is exactly what the Alliance strives to overcome.

When we launched Hyzon Motors in 2020 after starting this journey almost 20 years earlier with the inception of Horizon Fuel Cell in 2003, it was always the vision of myself and my co-founders George Gu and Gary Robb to contribute towards a flourishing hydrogen economy.

It’s a proud moment to see this vision being realised through genuine partnerships and to create our own platform to advocate, educate and advance the hydrogen ecosystem.

We look forward to bringing more forward-thinking organisations on board of the Alliance over time and working together to realise the global potential of hydrogen commercial mobility.