Biogas-to-Hydrogen Mobility Projects

April 20, 2021

Founded in 2011, ReCarbon, Inc. is applying its proprietary technology towards achieving a low carbon economy. ReCarbon is a carbon utilization company providing solutions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters with patented innovative technology for converting GHGs into valuable industrial products.

ReCarbon develops, manufactures, and markets systems using microwave energy to reform GHGs like carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) into syngas, hydrogen and other products.

ReCarbon and Hyzon Motors are embarking on global green hydrogen powered heavy mobility projects by offering green hydrogen mobility as a service. The collaboration creates an opportunity for fleet owners to make the switch from diesel to hydrogen economically, while drastically reducing their carbon footprint from fuel to reduce emissions.

ReCarbon is currently pursuing the following opportunities to make hydrogen mobility more accessible:

  • Commissioning of a commercial plant in August in Tennessee, USA, with its exclusive domestic landfill gas to renewable hydrogen distributor, H2Renewables, LLC
  • Fast developing projects in Australia, Canada, and Korea
  • Ongoing discussions with global companies to spearhead hydrogen mobility.

ReCarbon has also announced a partnership with Australian bioenergy developer, Utilitas Group to establish biogas-to-hydrogen plants across Australia, commencing with the Bundaberg bioHub. The facility will entail fuel-cell grade hydrogen to be produced via plasma dry-reforming of biogas produced from organic waste for heavy-duty mobility.