California Clean Mobility Projects

April 20, 2021

Raven SR is a renewable fuels company transforming bio-mass, municipal solid waste, bio-solids, industrial waste, sewage waste, medical waste and natural gas into renewable energy products such as hydrogen and electricity.

Raven SR and Hyzon will jointly develop clean mobility projects that allow customers to lease medium or heavy duty hydrogen vehicles with a complete package that includes maintenance and renewable hydrogen fuel made from local waste, with the first project to come online in California.

Raven SR is actively developing a hydrogen production facility in the San Francisco Bay Area capable of producing 5,000 kilograms per day of 90% renewable hydrogen, using its patented Steam/CO2 Reforming technology.

This hydrogen supply along with the Hyzon fleet will create further opportunities for companies in the Bay Area to go completely green on their transportation through a single lease contract.

Raven SR’s patented Steam/CO2 Reformation process is a non-combustion, non-incineration, low atmospheric, non-catalyst application that converts carbonaceous waste into renewable syngas, hydrogen, or other synthetic fuels. Unlike traditional gasification technologies that rely on an oxidizing agent or catalysts, Raven SR’s systems does neither.

Because Raven SR’s production units are small, modular, and scalable, units can be sited at waste facilities, eliminating the need to transport feedstock to an off-site location. With the expectation of building many of these units across the United States and internationally, fuel vendors can reduce the time, transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with typical fuel transportation with a one-stop shop.